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pocket_owl's Journal

Front Range
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alan rickman, an ideal husband, arthur weasley, austen, bill weasley, books, boulder, broom flying, carmina burana, cats, charlie weasley, chocolate, chudley canons, civil libertarianism, colorado, cooking, crax, dancing, dean, dean and rory, dean forrester, dean/rory, denver, diagon alley, dorothy l sayers, emma, evanescence, faeries, fan fiction, fantasy, faramir/eowyn, fellytone fan club, freckles, fred weasley, garbage, george weasley, gilmore girls, ginevra molly weasley, ginny weasley, good ship, gryffindor, h/g, hand me down robes, harry potter, harry potter fan ficion, harry potter icons, harry potter rpg, harry/ginny, hayao miyazaki, hello kitty, hobbits, hogwarts, homemaker, house elves, hp, hufflepuff, hybrid, icons, ireland, j k rowling, j. k. rowling, j.k. rowling, j.r.r. tolkien, jane austen, jared padalecki, jeremy northam, jk rowling, jkr, joan of arcadia, keeper, kisses, kk and the fts, knitting, lemony snickett, libertarian, lord of the rings, luna lovegood, making icons, maroon 5, mary grandpre, mary stewart, max medina, ministry of magic, molly weasley, movies, mythology, narcoleptics, nimbus 2003, nimbus_attendee, obhwf, oliver wood, order of the phoenix, owls, paris, percy weasley, pirates of the caribbean, political philosophy, politics, pride and prejudice, quidditch, quidditch cup, r/h, r/hr, ravenclaw, red and gold, red hair, religion, remus lupin, robin hood, ron, ron weasley, ron/hermione, ronald bilius weasley, rory, rory and dean, rory/dean, rowling, rupert grint, scarlet pimpernel, seeker, seekers, series of unfortunate events, severus snape, sewing, ship debate, sirius black, slytherin, star trek, stars hollow, stuffed animals, sugar quill, sugar quills, sugarquill, tatting, the good ship, the princess bride, the quibbler, the sugar quill, tlc, tolkien, transfiguration, wahleecon, weasley love, weasleys, weasleys wizard wheezes, werewolves, wizard, wizard's chess,